How Will CBD Oil Make Me Feel?

How Will CBD Oil Make Me Feel?

If you are new to the world of CBD oil, you may be wondering how exactly taking CBD makes you feel. Researching how a supplement will affect you is a very responsible thing to do, so let us help you out. We’ll answer some common questions about how CBD oil makes you feel. 



Will CBD Oil Make Me Feel High?

Worries over getting “stoned” are a common misconception about CBD oil in general. While CBD comes from the cannabis plant, it contains little to no THC (the chemical property that gives you the “high”). Even full-spectrum CBD oil would not have enough THC to get you high, although there is a small chance it could make you test positive for THC if you were tested. Most CBD oils contain no THC at all, so that’s not an issue. You can feel free to take your CBD oil every day, at any time of the day, and still be able to drive, work, and focus with your mind being altered in any way. 

Will CBD Oil Make Me Sleepy?

While CBD oil is excellent for helping people with insomnia sleep better, taking it does not immediately make you drowsy. When you use CBD oil over a period of time, it will reduce inflammation and reduce stress, both of which will help you sleep better at night. It won’t make you fall asleep at your desk, however. 

Does CBD Oil Make You Feel Different Right Away? 

The very first time you put a drop of CBD oil under your tongue you’re going to think, WOW, I feel . . . absolutely nothing. That’s OK! CBD oil is kind of like taking your daily vitamins. You don’t feel any different at the moment, but you’ll start to notice better overall health over time. 

What Do People Report Feeling After Taking CBD Oil Daily? 

When used daily, over time, many people report that they feel calmer in general. Other reported claims include having less inflammation and less general aches and pains. Because CBD will not give you a psychedelic high, you should not notice any fatigue, foggy thinking, or feelings of euphoria. 

There have been people who have reported side effects, although most people don’t have any at all. The side-effects associated with CBD are diarrhea, mild nausea, and dry mouth. Our bodies are all unique, and your experience might not be the same as your friend or family member that first introduced you to CBD. You’ll have to try for yourself and be mindful to notice any changes in your body or how you feel. Some people find it helpful to keep a journal to take notes; this helps them track the effects over time and lets them know if they are taking the correct dosage. 

While scientific evidence of CBD claims is just starting to emerge, many people who have reviewed CBD oils are happy with their purchase and are enjoying a natural wellness product with many benefits.

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