CBD Benefits Especially For Seniors

CBD Benefits Especially For Seniors

Since it is derived from the cannabis plant, many older generations might have an unfair bias against it. In fact, CBD oil has exploded in popularity for people of all ages and walks of life. It’s even being used for pets. When used as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle, you can reap some incredible rewards. What you might not know is that CBD oil is perfect for helping seniors live an active life. Here are some of the top benefits for people 65 and over.


Get Relief For Pesky Chronic Pains


Back pain and aching joints are some of the top reasons people turn to CBD for relief. Since roughly half of all people over 65 have some amount of arthritis, it’s a safe bet that some form of pain control is needed. CBD oil helps lessen pain and inflammation without any side effects or dependencies forming. CBD oils and topicals can help reduce your need for opioids or other pharmaceutical pain relievers.  While the effects of CBD on some types of pain are still being studied, early studies on its use with arthritis have been promising. 


Strengthen Bones Preventing Osteoporosis


Bones naturally deteriorate with age, but you can help prevent osteoporosis with CBD oil because it helps promote bone strength and healing. It is thought that CBD activates a receptor in the body called GPR55, which allows the bone to regenerate and slows bone deterioration. This combination of effects can balance bone density and lead to fewer broken bones. 


Eliminating Sleepless Nights


Insomnia and poor quality sleep are other common complaints of seniors. Not getting enough rest can cause low energy levels and inadequate immune response. It’s essential that you find a way to get good quality sleep. When taken regularly, CBD oil can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 


Dealing With Depression And Anxiety 


While many seniors report having fulfilling and enjoyable retirement years, they are still subject to anxiety and depression as the world changes around them. Sometimes they feel isolated if their family is busy or find themselves dealing with loss more often. More studies have been done on CBD use for anxiety and depression than most of the other reported health benefits. Both animal and human trials revealed that CBD oil was effective for lessening symptoms of anxiety and depression. When your body is under less stress, you can also sleep better at night, and your body can better fight illness. 


If you haven’t already, given CBD oil or topicals a try for one of the issues we’ve discussed here. If you help care for an older parent or relative, talk to their doctor about adding CBD oil to their regime as a supplement. CBD oil will not give you a “high” and is safe for daily use. If there is an apprehension to getting starting, try beginning with a simple CBD topical cream to help with joint pain.

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