6 Amazing Products That Come From The Hemp Plant.

6 Amazing Products That Come From The Hemp Plant.



For thousands of years, hemp has been used to make paper, textiles, oils, and all sorts of industrial and commercial products. Hemp is a cannabis plant but don’t confuse it with its cousin, marijuana, which has a reputation for being a drug that gets you high. While marijuana use for both medical and recreational purposes is slowly becoming legal across the US, it still carries a stigma. That’s why it’s essential that people see the difference between marijuana and hemp. 


Hemp carries little to no THC and can legally be grown and used to make many products. Hemp is environmentally friendly. We can use it for so many things, you’ll be blown away. Here are just a few of the useful things that can be made with hemp. 


#1. CBD Oil


One of the best things hemp provides us with is CBD oil which is popular for its non-pharmaceutical wellness benefits. People use CBD oils, pills, and creams to help them reduce anxiety, sleep better, and experience less chronic pain and inflammation. When combined with a healthy lifestyle, CBD can be a great nutritional supplement to help you live your best life, physically and mentally. 


#2.  Fuel 


Here’s something the coal industry wishes we wouldn’t share with you. Hemp can be used to make fuel. In fact, it’s more cost-efficiency and far more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels. 


#3. Textiles and Carpet


Hemp can be made into fabric for clothing or fibers to make things like rugs and carpets. You may not know this, but textiles make up a huge amount of energy waste and pollution. Hemp is a sustainable source of fibers. As a plus, these materials are 100% biodegradable. 


#4. Makeup and Skincare


Hemp oil and CBD oils are high in Vitamin A, C, and E, which are all perfect for healthy skin. Hemp used in skincare can even help slow down the aging process. It has also been put in bath products like scrubs and bath bombs. 


#5. Milk Alternative


You’ve heard of soy milk and almond milk, but have you heard of hemp milk? Hemp seeds that have been soaked and ground up can produce a form of non-dairy milk. It’s creamy and tastes great. Hemp milk is full of vitamins and also contains iron and folic acid. 


#6. Paper


Humans use a stagging amount of paper, and until the late 1800s, paper was mostly made from hemp instead of trees. Hemp is actually a better and more sustainable source than trees for paper, and if we used it more, we could cut down fewer trees. 


As you can see, hemp is a fantastic plant with an extraordinary amount of uses. It’s healthy for our bodies and for the planet we call home. How can we get manufacturers to make more products from hemp? Focus on buying more hemp products, and gradually, the demand will start to drive the market.

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