CBD for your pup

CBD for your pup

If you’re a dog owner, there’s likely nothing that you won’t do to make sure your pup is healthy and happy. As dogs start to age, they inevitably begin to slow down and possibly begin to develop some health issues. What if we told you that there might be a way to keep your dog feeling like a puppy, even when advanced age starts to set in?

CBD for dogs work about the same way that it does for humans. Just like humans, dogs have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that plays a hand in the way that our brain and immune systems function. CBD attaches to the receptors in the ECS and may be able to promote overall wellness.

Here are 5 things CBD might be able to do for your beloved furry friend: 

  1. CBD may help to mitigate pain

When dogs start to get older, they usually have aches and pains that are a sign of a life well-lived. CBD may help to control muscle aches and joint pain – both very common signs of aging in dogs. If you have an old dog that needed surgery, CBD may be able to help ease pain during recovery. 

  1. CBD may help reduce anxiety

Some dogs, like people, are naturally anxious! If you’ve ever come home to a torn-up house or accidents on the floor, your dog might suffer from separation anxiety. A daily dose of CBD might help to make them feel relaxed and calm when they’re home alone. 

  1. CBD may be an anti-convulsant

Dogs, both young and old, may fall victim to a seizure disorder. Because CBD is potentially an anti-convulsant, you may be able to treat their disorder naturally without having to rely on expensive medications.

  1. CBD might control nausea

A daily dose of CBD may help to get your dog’s feeding schedule back on track. For one reason or another, some dogs go through periods of decreased appetite and/or the inability to keep their food down. CBD may be able to stimulate their appetite so your dog can get back to enjoying mealtime.

  1.  CBD may promote overall wellness

Even if your dog isn’t ill at all, giving them a CBD supplement may still be a great idea! CBD may be able to help to make sure that all of your dog’s systems are working together correctly so that you can avoid health issues down the line. This means more time that you get to spend together and less time at the vet’s office!

All of our products are 100% natural, so they’re safe to be used for people and dogs alike. We even have a CBD tincture that was specifically formulated for pets! You can squeeze a dropper full of the CBD oil directly into your pet’s mouth or coat their food in the oil. There is no THC in any of our CBD products, so you never have to worry about any psychoactive effects. 

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