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Kief Infused Hemp Pre Rolls

Our signature Kief Infused Hemp Pre-Rolls are the finest one gram hemp pre-rolls in the CBD industry.  First, we start with the finest CBD rich hemp flower from high quality buds and our special full-spectrum CBD distillate filled with terpenes.  The cannabis terpenes add a rich floral flavor and specifically add to the full floral effect.  Next, we manufacture a fine kief powder filled with trichomes from the same CBD rich hemp flower.  Trichomes are the sticky resin glands of the cannabis plant and are filled with additional CBD and other cannabinoids further increasing the full spectrum effect.  After our superior hemp is rolled into a one gram pre-roll with 100 percent hemp paper, we heat up and hand brush each pre-roll with the CBD distillate filled with terpenes, and they are then hand rolled in the trichome rich kief powder until the original hemp rolling paper is no longer visible along the entire length of the hemp inside.  The final product is dry to the touch, outstanding in taste, and packed with full spectrum CBD for the greatest, best tasting, strongest, most CBD packed hemp pre-rolls available anywhere in the world at any price.  Must be tried to be believed!  Available from no other CBD company, each of our Kief Infused Hemp Pre-Rolls come in their own glass tube with a real cork stopper which is ideal for storing them between smokes.  A truly outstanding product that is perfectly legal in all fifty states as it contains less than 0.3 percent THC.  Order one today.  You will be amazed.

WARNING: Unlike our other completely THC free products, our Hemp Flower contains a small amount of THC. Although the amount of THC in our Hemp Flower is within the legal limit, there is a chance that if you were to smoke enough of it, you could fail a drug test even if you do not experience a euphoric high, which is why we advise you do not use this product if you may be drug tested for any reason. 

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