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Full Spectrum Sublingual Tinctures - 30 Milliliter bottles!


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Welcome to our new Gold Line!

PharmaXtracts presents its new Gold Line, a top-shelf, full-spectrum CBD oil that goes beyond traditional methods of purification to provide you with the most effective CBD experience on the market today.  So pure it’s golden!

Not all CBD is created equal.  PharmaXtracts’ Gold Line is manufactured from industrial hemp using our exclusive, proprietary extraction and distillation process involving costly, additional steps, but the result is a degree of refinement far beyond that available from any other manufacturer.  Our new Gold Line represents the height of purity in the full-spectrum CBD world.

PharmaXtracts’ Gold Line products are exceptionally high in CBD and contain a representative sampling of all other non-THC cannabinoids and terpenes found in the cannabis sativa flower for the full floral effect. Completely free of any measurable THC. Our advanced Gold Line brand is the culmination of years of cannabis extraction experimentation and research with the goal of saving the world one person at a time.

Reach for the top shelf and find PharmaXtracts’ Gold Line.  If you’ve been disappointed with your CBD in the past, then our Gold Line is a must try.

Advantages of our Gold Line full-spectrum CBD oil include:

Our unflavored full-spectrum Gold Line taste’s far better than any other company’s unflavored hemp or CBD full-spectrum oil because of our Gold Line's amazing purity.

Available in an unflavored tincture or in a tincture flavored to mask any remaining unpleasant taste.

So pure and refined, our Gold Line can be squirted on the capillaries under your tongue where it will be quickly drawn into your blood stream by sublingual absorption and not lose any of its strength by being placed through your complete digestive system.

Achieves the full floral effect by containing all other non-THC cannabinoids and terpenes which has been shown to make CBD more effective.

The purest CBD full-spectrum oil offered for sale at any price.

PharmaXtracts sells the finest, purest CBD products at the lowest prices you will find anywhere.  With over three decades of combined experience in the CBD industry, PharmaXtracts is a Band of Brothers who decided the CBD market needed a serious intervention.  Committed to saving the world one person at a time, we could no longer stand by and let false information be perpetuated and insignificant dosages be taken by people in need of CBD’s many benefits.  It was time for us to bring clarity to a once shady world.

These statements have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration.  PharmaXtracts CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  A doctor’s advise should be sought before using PharmaXtracts CBD products or any other cannabis extract especially if you have a serious medical condition, use prescription medications, are pregnant, or are nursing a child.  Not for sale to those under the age of 21.  Keep PharmaXtracts CBD products out of the reach of children.

Our CBD products will not cause you to fail a THC drug test.