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Why take CBD

For those searching for a pure CBD product,

“It’s the Full CBD Experience!”*

For those switching from THC to CBD,

“It’s for a Finer Life Without Euphoric Impairment!”*

For those on the cutting edge,

“It’s to Relax, Recuperate, Revitalize, and Reflect!”*

For the athlete, scholar, innovator, and entrepreneur,

It’s to Take the Edge Off, and Get the Edge Back!”*

For the older and adventurous,

“It’s to Try Something New When Nothing Else Works!”*

What is so special about PharmaXtracts’ two-step process?

What you are searching for is a product which starts out with a pure, measured amount of CBD.  PharmaXtracts lists the CBD content on all its products. Most of our competitors do not.

At PharmaXtracts, we begin by monitoring the fields where our Cannabis is legally grown pursuant to the United States Agricultural Act of 2014 and pursuant to certificates issued by the California and Nevada Departments of Agriculture. So long as our Cannabis plants contain less than 0.3 percent Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) by dry weight, they are federally defined as “hemp,” and hemp can be legally grown if within a pilot program under the supervision of a state department of agriculture.

The hemp which forms the raw material from which PharmaXtracts’ manufactures its CBD products has been hybrid and grown with just the right nutrients applied in just the right amounts at just the right times to yield plants low in THC but high in CBD.

Delta-9 THC is the psychotropic cannabinoid in marijuana that produces an euphoric “high.” CBD is the cannabinoid in hemp that has no psychotropic effects but which has many other beneficial aspects which are just beginning to be explored. THC and CBD work in different ways and tend to work opposite from one another meaning CBD is a more effective product for its purpose if it contains either no THC or only trace amounts.

Using our proprietary process derived from years of research, PharmaXtracts extracts pure CBD from our CBD rich hemp plants. The pure CBD we produce is a white, crystalline powder.  PharmaXtracts CBD contains significant amount of Delta-9 THC.  Our motto is "HIGHEST QUALITY, 100% THC FREE," and we strive to meet this goal with every one of our CBD products.  We feel confident advertising PharmaXtracts’ CBD products are THC free unless we specifically add back in trace amounts of THC and other cannabinoids to form a full spectrum product, none of which we are presently marketing.  For now, we only provide the full CBD experience.

PharmaXtracts’ CBD products are not designed to get you high. They are designed to make it so you can relax, recuperate, revitalize, and reflect.  CBD provides a different kind of feeling good, one that takes the edge off while you get the edge back.*

Many of our competitors advertise their CBD products contain less than 0.3 percent THC because their manufacturing processes only produces a hemp oil and not a CBD product of greater purity. The purer the CBD, the more absence of taste, the faster the absorption, and the quicker the effect.

We at PharmaXtracts are presently experimenting with manufacturing a fuller spectrum CBD infused hemp oil.  Manufacturing this oil will involve the same two-step manufacturing process used for our CBD Tincture Select series where we begin with pure, white CBD crystalline power and then add it to the oil to produce a product of a known CBD quantity.  The only difference will be that the oil to which our CBD is added will be a hemp oil.

There is some research suggesting a full spectrum product causes the CBD to have less of what is called a “bell-shaped dose-response” where the effectiveness of the CBD is maximized at a certain dosage level, and if that level is exceeded, then the effectiveness of the CBD trails off. Our customers can avoid being affected by the bell-shaped dose-response by monitoring their CBD intake and learning what dose level works best for them.

The research suggests a patient can increase their dosage of a full-spectrum product without any falling off in its effectiveness and that the other cannibinoids within the solution may cause the CBD to become more effective. So far the studies have been on mice, and the correlation between mice and humans with respect to CBD consumption is unknown, and more testing on other animal species and, most importantly, clinical studies on humans patients are very much needed. Unfortunately, the United States Government has discouraged this kind of experimentation for the last 80 years.

Only when PharmaXtracts has developed enough anecdotal evidence of the effectiveness of a new product and we can feel confident that we can both guarantee CBD content and produce a product superior to the products offered by our competitors will we be releasing a fuller spectrum CBD product.  For now, our products are in high demand for a full CBD experience and because they contain a known quantity of CBD at a bargain price.

The disadvantage of a full spectrum CBD product is that it suffers from the foul taste of hemp and usually must be mixed with some type of flavoring to make it more palatable.  We have tested some of our competitors full spectrum products, and many taste absolutely horrible. We are presently experimenting with adding back just the right cannabinoids in just the right amounts for the greatest synergistic effect without fouling the taste of the tincture.

Most of our competitors extract a CBD rich oil which they market without guaranteeing its CBD content.  A bottle containing 15 milliliters of “hemp oil,” or what some manufacturers misleadingly call “CBD oil,” does not contain 15 milliliters of CBD.  Since CBD is a crystalline powder, it is measured in milligrams, not milliliters.  Don’t be fooled.

Some of our slightly more honest competitors concentrate their hemp oil to the point where they advertise 1 ounce of their hemp oil contains 500 mg of CBD. That is only 500 milligrams of CBD in 29.574 milliliters of foul tasting hemp oil.

We use a different method at PharmaXtracts to achieve 1000 milligrams or 2500 milligrams of CBD in only 10 milliliters of oil in our CBD Tinctures, and the oil in which we dissolve our CBD is not foul-tasting, hemp oil. Instead, our oil is the most hypoallergenic, easily and quickly digested oil in which CBD can be dissolved, and it is practically tasteless.

The purity of the oil we use to manufacture our oral CBD products requires a lower amount of enzymes and bile acids for it to be absorbed into the human body’s intestinal tract.  In fact, we recommend you squirt a dropper of our CBD Crystalline Tincture under your tongue where it will be quickly absorbed through the blood vessels rather than through your digestive tract, a process called sublingual absorption.

For our vape pen cartridges, we dissolve pure CBD in an odorless, colorless liquid  commonly used in vape pens and cartridges which has been the primary e-cigarette nicotine solvent since the e-cigarette was first patented in 1963, and it has not been shown to be harmful to the human body.  We add flavoring to our vape cartridges and disposable vape pens not to cover up the taste of our CBD but because many customers simply like a fruity flavors.  We also sell vape cartridges and disposable vape pens without any flavoring added for the purest out there who do not want any flavoring.

PharmaXtracts’ ability to manufacture pure CBD is what allows our products to be superior to all others.  First, we process hemp into ultra pure CBD. Then, we dissolve our ultra pure CBD in ultra pure MCT oil, or propylene glycol, or water to give our customers the swiftest, purest, and most expedient method of ingesting CBD, and our customers can be confident in knowing how much CBD they have purchased for their money and how much CBD they are taking at one time.

That’s what most customers want. That is what you should demand.

Does CBD have medical uses?

To some, CBD is considered a miracle. Its reputation for offering various forms of relief is well documented. However, to be entirely compliant with federal law, we at PharmaXtracts do not advertise or suggest our CBD products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Even so, you will see the FDA required disclaimer along with other warnings at the bottom of each of our web pages and on each of our packages.

You are probably already aware of the many marvelous benefits a growing number of people are claiming they receive from taking CBD. A simple Google search of “CBD” will yield numerous websites touting CBD’s benefits including sites hosted by our competitors. We urge you to go to our competitor’s websites and compare their prices to ours because we know you’ll end up back here because we offer the finest CBD products at the lowest prices. Federal regulations do not allow us to refer you to any specific websites which might describe CBD as a drug which most of our competitors illegally do.

The federal law with regard to what can be said about CBD and other products which have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to be marketed as “drugs” is quite strict, and most, if not all, of our competitors are violating the law by describing their CBD products in a manner the FDA would probably consider to be a description of what a wonder “drug” can do. CBD may indeed be a wonder drug, but until the FDA approves CBD being labeled as a drug, CBD is not considered a drug under federal law, and it cannot be described as such or recommended for treatment of any specific disease.

According to Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Section 101.93 (g), the FDA can find the distributor of a product has made an illegal claim their product is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease if the advertisement, packaging, or label implies the product has an effect on a disease or the characteristic signs or symptoms of a disease. In making this determination, the FDA may consider the name of the product, the citation to a publication if the publication refers to a disease use, any reference to a specific disease, the use of pictures suggesting the product cures a disease, language which suggests the product is a substitute for or augments a drug or disease therapy, plays a role in the body's response to a disease, treats, prevents, or mitigates adverse events associated with a therapy for a disease or, otherwise, suggests an effect on a disease.

If our competitors’ webpages are violating federal law, you might wonder whether you can truly trust them.

We cannot even publish all the glowing testimonials we have received from hundreds of customers complementing our CBD products and
telling us how they improved their lives without us risking the FDA’s wrath.

The United States Government Department of Health and Human Services patented CBD’s chemical composition in 1998 (Patent Number US 6630507 B1). We at PharmaXtracts don’t need to worry about infringing on the Government’s patent because we extract CBD from hemp rather than synthesize it, and a naturally occurring compound cannot be patented. What can be patented is the marketing of a naturally occurring product for a specific medical use, and in this regard, the U.S. Government patented certain “promising” medical uses for CBD, but then failed to conduct any further research to substantiate the Government’s claims. In fact, the Government has consistently denied numerous universities from being able to perform research to prove or disprove the Government’s medical claims. Why?

We at PharmaXtracts view the Government’s failure to conduct research, or to even allow others in the United States to conduct research into CBD’s alleged beneficial properties to be part and parcel of the Government’s 80-year-long effort to defame Cannabis, suppress its use, and punish those who possess it. This effort to slander Cannabis reached a national level through the yellow journalism of the Hearst newspaper syndicate culminating in the passage of the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 and then the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 and now the resurgence of the War on Drugs led by Attorney General Jeff Sessions which, fortunately, doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast. Too many people want to be able to use medical marijuana and Cannabis extracts. A Quinnipiac University poll of 1,062 American voters from across the country conducted from April 12 to April 18, 2017, revealed an astounding 94 percent of those polled agreed with “allowing adults to legally use marijuana for medical purposes if their doctor prescribes it.” When was the last time 94% of the American electorate was in agreement about anything? The Quinnipiac University poll had a 3 percent margin of error.

As an example of the Government’s propaganda slandering Cannabis, the misspelling of marijuana as “marihuana” in the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 represented an effort by the first Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, evangelical, law-and-order propagandist Harry J. Anslinger, to convince people that the word “marihuana” had its origins with the word “mallihuan,” the Aztec word for “prisoner,” because it fit well with Anslinger’s narrative that marijuana enslaved its user. In actuality, the origin of the word “marijuana” is unknown except that it was originally identified with immigrants from Mexico coming into California to escape the carnage of the Mexican Revolution in the early 1900's.

It should be noted that making marijuana illegal began with prejudice against Mexicans, Blacks, Chinese, and Hindoos. For example, Anslinger was quoted as saying, “Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men . . . the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.”

In the last year, over 25 applications from various universities eager to engage in testing marijuana and CBD for medical purposes were rejected by the Department of Health and Human Services. On September 13, 2017, more than 80 years after the Marihuana Tax Act became effective, the conservative Republican Senator from Utah, Orrin Hatch, introduced the Marijuana Effective Drug Study (“MEDS”) Act of 2017 to ease researchers’ access to marijuana so they can conduct studies on its medical benefits without violating federal law. According to Senator Hatch’s website, the MEDS Act will streamline the “research registration process,” “make marijuana more available for legitimate scientific and medical research,” and “require the National Institute on Drug Abuse (“NIDA”) to develop and publish recommendations for good manufacturing practices for growing and producing marijuana for research.” According to Hatch’s September 13, 2017 press release, Hatch argued before the United States Senate:

“It’s high time to address research into medical marijuana . . . . the federal government strains to enforce regulations that sometimes do more harm than good. To be blunt, we need to remove the administrative barriers preventing legitimate research into medical marijuana, which is why I’ve decided to roll out the MEDS Act.”

Fortunately, growing hemp is already legal, and it is from hemp that PharmaXtracts’ CBD is extracted.

PharmaXtracts offers the lowest CBD prices.

You will find it amazing how much less expensive our CBD products are than those sold by our competitors, assuming you can even make the comparison. After all, if our competitors only advertise they are selling you 15 milliliters of hemp oil or “CBD Oil” without informing you of its actual CBD content, who’s to say? You would be purchasing from our competition a product about which you lack complete information. The oil the CBD is dissolved in is relatively inexpensive compared to the worth of the CBD. When you’re paying for CBD, you have every right to know just how much CBD you’re getting for your money.

Beware of any advertisement for “pure CBD oil.” There is no such thing. A gram of “pure CBD oil” does not contain a gram of pure CBD. In fact, it is our experience that only 2.5 grams of CBD (2500 milligrams) can be dissolved in 10 milliliters of MCT oil which weighs about 9 grams. To be truthful, the competition should only advertise they sell pure, concentrated hemp oil which has “some CBD in it,” not that they sell pure CBD oil. Pure CBD is a white powder, not an oil.

The density of a liquid depends on its temperature. At its densest, water weighs 1 gram (1,000 milligrams) per milliliter. Our MCT oil has a density of about 0.9 grams per milliliter. The density of the concentrated hemp oil sold by our competition is slightly higher. One of our competitors sells 3 milliliters of hemp oil. If hemp oil was pure CBD, then 3 milliliters of hemp oil would contain about 2,700 milligrams of CBD. However, only about 750 milligrams of CBD can be dissolved in 3 milliliters of hemp oil, so buyer beware.

Some of our competitors will label their bottles of hemp oil with the addition of a number, such as “oil 500,” but nowhere does our competition say a bottle of their hemp oil actually contains 500 milligrams of CBD. Again, buyer beware. When we say our 10 milliliter bottle of CBD Crystalline Tincture Select contains 1000 or 2500 milligrams of CBD, we mean it, so you know exactly the quantity of CBD you are receiving for your money.

One of our competitors advertises that each 10 milliliter bottle of their “hemp extract” contains 100 milligrams of CBD, and they sell that bottle for $65.00 which works out to slightly less than 1.54 milligrams of CBD per dollar paid. Alternatively, you can buy a 10 milliliter bottle of our CBD Crystalline Tincture Select which contains 1,000 milligrams of CBD for only $49.99, which works out to slightly more than 20 milligrams of CBD per dollar paid. So you get about 13 times more CBD for your money when you buy from us than when you buy from our competition.

Want to save even more money? You can buy our 10 milliliter bottle of CBD Crystalline Tincture Select which contains 2500 milligrams of CBD for only $99.99, which works out to 25 milligrams of CBD per dollar paid.

Our 125 mg CBD Crystalline Vape Cartridges come in a variety of flavors you can vape. They contain 125 milligrams of CBD in 0.5 milliliter of propylene glycol or water and sell for $19.99 which works out to slightly more than 6.25 milligrams of CBD per dollar.

Our extra cool, self-contained, perfectly charged Fruity Bites 125 mg CBD Crystalline Disposable Vape Pens also come in a variety of flavors. They contain 125 milligrams of CBD in 0.5 milliliter of propylene glycol or water depending on the flavor and sell for $29.99 which works out to slightly more than 4.168 milligrams of CBD per dollar paid, plus you get the disposable pen, the battery of which was pre-charged for immediate use.

Our CBD Crystalline Isolate is our best bargain. You can buy 1,000 milligrams of our CBD Crystalline Isolate (flavored or pure) for $44.99, which works out to slightly more than 22.22 milligrams of CBD per dollar spent.

Here’s how we beat everyone else’s prices.

First, we control the entire chain of our CBD supply from the growing of the hemp, to the processing of our hemp into pure CBD in our controlled laboratories, to the manufacturing of our final CBD products in our distribution center.

Second, we have developed hemp plants which are high in CBD content allowing us to extract a lot of CBD from each plant.

Third, we recognize and admire CBD’s properties and like to see people obtain and enjoy their ultimate lifestyle.

Fourth, we are not short-term greedy. We rather build our business and earn our money through volume sales than try to rip off each customer.

Fifth, if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you may request a full refund on the purchase price within 30 days. Nonetheless, we have received but one return, and that was from a young man in North Dakota who had been convinced CBD was illegal in his state. It’s not, but we returned his money anyway because we understand how he could have been tricked into having that opinion because of two unconstitutional seizures of CBD products from a couple of health food stores in Bismark several years ago. For more information, see our CBD 101 Series found in the EDUCATIONAL section of this website.

The bottom line is our prices can’t be beat! Why pay more? Here at PharmaXtracts you get the finest CBD products at the lowest prices.

Using PharmaXtracts’s CBD products will not cause you to flunk a drug test.

Whether our CBD products will cause a person to flunk a drug test is a common question we receive at PharmaXtracts. The short answer is NO. None of our customers have ever reported any of our CBD products caused them to flunk a drug test, and a number of our customers who were worried about an upcoming drug test, wrote back and said they passed with flying colors. There is good reason PharmaXtracts CBD products have this flawless record.

We could simply sell you some boiled down hemp oil of an unknown CBD content, like is done by some of our competitors, but offering a CBD product which might contain up to 0.3 percent THC does create some risk of flunking a drug test. Actually, using a product with only 0.3 percent THC is not likely to cause you to flunk a drug test, but some of our competitors’ products have reportedly tested at higher THC levels than advertised. Such sloppy manufacturing processes will never be good enough for us. Why take the chance? Our present products cannot cause you to flunk a drug test because we start with CBD that has no THC in it before dissolving this pure CBD in oils unrelated to the Cannabis plant. PharmaXtracts cannot be accused of selling resin extracted from mature Cannabis stalks as, perhaps, is being done by some of our competitors.

A marijuana drug test measures the level of 11-nor-9-carboxy-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as 11-THC-COOH, a secondary metabolite of THC which is formed in the body after a Cannabis product containing THC is consumed. 11-THC-COOH can be detected in the body for months and, therefore, the test for 11-THC-COOH does not fairly measure whether a person is under the influence of marijuana, just whether they have consumed marijuana within the last 30 days for a urine test or within the last 90 days for a hair follicle test.

In some states where medical and/or recreational marijuana is legal, they are beginning to test for the presence of 11-Hydroxy-Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (11-OH-THC) which is the primary metabolite of THC. A recent user of marijuana who is still experiencing a psychotropic effect from ingesting THC, who is still “high,” will test positive for 11-OH-THC. If the user is no longer experiencing a psychotropic effect from ingesting THC, they will test negative for 11-OH-THC, but they may still test positive for 11-THC-COOH.

In states where medical or recreational marijuana is legal, police and employers in those states should only test for 11-OH-THC to determine whether a person is actually “under the influence,” when driving a car or at their place of work (such as after an industrial accident where the presence of marijuana in one’s system can cause a person to be denied workman compensation benefits). Someone who only tests positive for 11-THC-COOH may have long been sober.

The standard drug tests do not test for CBD or any of its metabolites. And why should they? CBD does not produce a psychotropic effect. CBD does not get one “high.” CBD does not impair one’s driving or ability to perform their work.

So unless a state or employer greatly modifies their testing program and begins to test for a compound which has no psychotropic effect, users of CBD should be perfectly safe from any adverse drug test result.

How to use our CBD products.

For quick and effective relief, try one of our CBD Crystalline Tinctures. Simply suck up 10 milliliters (1 eyedropper full) of our CBD Crystalline Tincture Select and squirt it under your tongue. You might want to drink a little water with it, but the taste of the solution from our 1,000 milligram bottle is not very noticeable. The taste of the solution from our 2,500 milligram bottle is somewhat noticeable, so you might want to drink a little more water with it, or not. Conversely, our competition has to add flavoring to their so called “CBD oil” just to make it palatable.

We suggest you begin with only half an eyedropper (50 mg CBD in 0.5 ml oil) from our 1,000 mg bottle of CBD Crystalline Tincture Select to begin with until you determine your ideal dosage.

According to studies conducted in 1980 and 1991, no signs of toxicity or serious side effects were observed in healthy volunteers following chronic administration of CBD in large acute doses of 700 mg a day. See Cunha et al., Pharmacology 21:175-185, 1980; Consroe et al., Pharmacol, Biochem. Behav. 40:701-708, 1991. The Mayo clinic recommends doses up to 1280 milligrams of CBD per day for up to four weeks to treat one particular ailment. CBD is very safe. Overdosing will likely only lead to a bout of diarrhea.

It has been our experience that many people who purchase our competitors’ diluted products are taking insufficient dosages to achieve maximum effectiveness.

For those who like to vape, we produce the cleanest and most potent vape cartridges on the market. Because the CBD is inhaled as a gas when vaping, the absorption rate is even quicker than achieved by ingesting our CBD Crystalline Tinctures, but it is less efficient because some of the smoke is exhaled. We suggest small puffs for maximum efficiency with some time between each puff until you determine your ideal dosage.

For the pinnacle of potency, try our CBD Crystalline Isolate product which comes in a variety of flavors or can be purchased in its pure, unflavored, crystalline form. When flavored, the pure powdered CBD develops some color and clumps a bit. Try adding it to a salad. Or take a fingernail’s worth of our pure powdered CBD Crystalline and place it in the bowl of your bong and smoke it which results in the fastest and most potent ingestion of all methods. For those who don’t want to use a torch (cigarette lighter) to heat up the bowl of their bong, we offer for sale an Electric Nail Vaporizer in our MERCHANDISE section which uses an electronic heating element to vaporize our CBD Crystalline, and it is designed to fit on glass rigs and water pipes. (It can also be used to heat wax concentrates in states where recreational or medical marijuana is legal.)

We suggest you begin with only 50 mg of CBD Crystalline Isolate until you determine your ideal dosage.

*Required FDA disclosure regarding PharmaXtracts CBD products:  These statements have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration.  PharmaXtracts CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  A doctor’s advise should be sought before using PharmaXtracts CBD products or any other Cannabis extract especially if you have a serious medical condition, use prescription medications, are pregnant, or are nursing a child.  Not for sale to those under the age of 18 years.  Keep PharmaXtracts CBD products out of the reach of children. 

With over three decades of combined experience in the CBD industry, PharmaXtracts is a band of brothers who decided the CBD market needed a serious intervention. No longer could they stand by and let false information be perpetuated and insignificant dosages be taken by people in need of CBD’s many benefits. It was time to bring clarity to a once shady world.