HHC Infused Pre Roll PharmaXtracts
HHC Infused Pre Roll PharmaXtracts
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HHC Infused Pre Roll

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PharmaXtracts Infused HHC Pre-Rolls are packed with premium hemp flower and rolled in HHC distillate then rolled in premium quality CBD kief.  

How Will HHC Affect Me?

HHC binds to some of your cannabinoid receptors and creates a much milder euphoric and intoxicating effect. In comparison to delta-8 and delta-9 THC, the high is described as being much softer and calmer. It may also help you to relax, which can make HHC's effect similar to CBD. HHC is an excellent potential sleep aid and can be used by people looking for relief from chronic pain without the strong high that THC gives them. 


We recommend avoiding HHC to be safe ahead of time for a drug test. 

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