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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

• Why is my card not working?

Our processing system is based out of the UK which will sometimes alert your bank of an international order. Contact your bank and verify your purchase.

• Will PharmaXtracts products cause me to give a positive drug test?

All of our products are THC free with the exception of the CBD flower which contains a minuscule amount of THC (0.03%) if you were to smoke enough of it there is a possibility that you could test positive for THC.

• Where is my package?

When your package is shipped you should receive an email with tracking information just click the link and it will give you the most updated information.
If your order is stuck in pre-shipment please email with your name and order number.

• How much CBD do I need?

Everybody is different and the CBD intake will depend on your metabolism and how fast it can process the CBD in your system. Depending on your needs there are different products we can provide to help you find relief.

• I received a call my address is incorrect

Please verify your address for us by calling 702-420-7676 or by email at so that we can ship it out as soon as possible.

• My order is missing?

Please contact your local USPS with your tracking number and they will be able to help you locate your package.

• How many puffs are in a disposable pen or cartridge?

Typically between 100-150 puffs per pen/cartridge depending on each person and how big of a draw they take.

• Is CBD legal in all 50 states?

Yes under the 2014 farm bill

• How do I take the tincture?

Sublingual absorption allow10-15 seconds for the body to absorb the CBD oil

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