Pharmaxtracts is a family owned and operated company working hand in hand to “Change the world one person at a time”. We specialize in selling the purest CBD on the market at the lowest possible price. With over three decades of combined industry experience, our company insures that we sell only the highest quality CBD products.

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  1. Josh Dean says:

    Please contact me when you have a chance. I am very interested in having a vending machine in my city. I am an avid believer in your product. I thank you very much for saving my dads life during his cancer treatment. Your product has also helped my wife with her severe migraines and I want to get your products out to the people that need them. Again thank you for saving my dads life and helping my wife when no doctor could/would. My phone number is+18066737937. I look forward to hearing from you and moving forward to help the people in my city.

    • Desiree says:

      Hello Josh,
      we are so happy we could help your family 🙂 we will have someone reach out to you regarding the vending machine. Thank you for choosing PharmaXtracts for your CBD products.

  2. Angela Xu says:

    I have been using your products (vape pen, sample kit [of tincture, oil, watermelon flavor juice]. I need to know if I will absolutely pass all drug tests from employers, either before hiring or during employment. It’s really important that I do find a job but I’m worried about their drug tests.

    I am struggling a lot right now mentally and Hemp is the only medicine I believe in right now because of synthetic medications being really harsh for my body.

    Please let me see the lab results because I saw the thumbnail before on this site but on my phone I can’t see the results and let me know. Thank you.

    • Desiree says:

      Hello, our CBD isolate products will not give you a positive drug test you will be fine just do not purchase our full spectrum or CBD hemp flower because if you smoke a lot of the flower it could possibly cause you to fail a drug test. Thank you for choosing PharmaXtracts for your CBD products.

    • admin says:

      Hello Angela, you will be fine to use all of our products I would just stay away from smoking our CBD hemp flower because even though it is below the legal THC limit it still could cause a positive test if you were to smoke too much of it.

  3. Allie says:

    I would like to know what products are recommended for migraines and really bad anxiety disorders . Please and thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello Allie, We get a lot of feed back form customers saying our tinctures and vape cartridges/disposable vape pens helping people with migraines and anxiety.

  4. Lisa says:

    Hi! I’m searching for a vape juice that doesn’t have propylene glycol. Will you tell me what PharmaXtracts use in their vape juice?

    • admin says:

      Hello Lisa, the only vape that we have that does not have PG in it is our No Flavor Cartridge/ Disposable vape pen.

  5. Shae says:

    Do any of your products make you pee hot for ua’s? If so which ones? Absolutely loved your vape juice just want to make sure I don’t mess up with probation or my new job! Once again thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hello Shae, Our CBD flower and our full spectrum is at the legal limit for THC but we do warn people that if you use to much it could possibly cause you to have a positive drug test. All of our other products are fine to use.

  6. Julia Walters says:

    Does the CBD Crystalline Cartridges fit the disposable vape pen? Are the Disposable vape pens refillable?

    • admin says:

      Hello Julia, The CBD cartridges fit our cartridge battery that we sell for $10.00 on the website or you can attach them to any vape cartridge battery. The disposable vape pens are not refillable once the CBD oil is gone the battery will no longer be able to be used. Please let us know if you have any more questions we will be happy to help.

  7. Sydney says:

    I want to add to the gratefulness comments.
    I am in the process of have dental implants and soft foods seem to be the best for me. I do however need to chew some things and I will find my jaw becoming sore and hurting. The smallest amount of Pharma Balm has made all the difference in the world for taking away any discomfort. Thanks for a great product. P.S. I called around to a number of local distributors but none of them had a product with the helpful assortment of essential oils that are found in the Pharma Balm.

    • admin says:

      Awesome! we are so glad we can help. Thank you so much for the feedback on our product and we are so happy that we could help.

  8. Chris Cozzolino says:

    Interested in learning more about the potential to get a vending machine near me. Please send me an email with some details.

  9. purpleninjazxr says:

    Hi I got your page from lee priest who also lives in Australia 🇦🇺 And says he uses your cbd how do I go about getting it sent to Australia as I can’t change the country from USA on checking out

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