Why Should I Try Delta-8 THC?

Why Should I Try Delta-8 THC?

Described as a more zen-like feeling without unwanted side effects like paranoia, Delta-8 THC could allow you to feel good in general without clouding your thinking. These benefits make it an excellent choice for people looking to get some relaxing mind and body relief. The effects are also considered mild compared to the "high" of the more common Delta-9 THC. Some people have recommended it for meditation, camping, hiking, and other times you want to connect with yourself. 


Additional Benefits Of Delta-8 THC

THC use isn't legal in all US states or at the federal level yet, which means that scientific research is hard to obtain. However, limited studies so far have made promising findings that suggest Delta-8 could have uses that benefit your health. 


Here are some of the potential positive health benefits studies are looking into for Delta-8:


Delta-8 could be a tumor growth inhibitor. One study, cited by the National Cancer Institute, showed Delta-8 could make it harder for tumors to grow. 


Another study showed that Delta-8 helped reduce nausea.


In low doses, you could use Delta-8 to increase your appetite.If you've been catching up with cannabis industry news lately that I'm sure by now you've heard about Delta-8 THC. It's a topic that's gaining in popularity day by day. If you aren't quite sure what Delta-8 is and why there's so much buzz about it, then you've come to the right place. 

What Is Delta-8 THC 

Simply speaking, Delta-8 THC is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. The cannabinoid Delta-9 is what people most commonly ingest to get "high". Delta-8 is found in the same plant but at a much lower percentage. It's less prevalent, so it is often extracted and infused with tinctures, vapes, and edibles.  

How Is Delta-8  

Just like other cannabinoids, Delta-8 can help relieve symptoms associated with pain and inflammation. Delta-8 could be a good alternative for people that want to use THC for pain relief but don't want a potent high. 


An older study on mice noticed neuroprotective properties associated with Delta-8 that looked promising. Neuroprotective means that it protects brain function, including memory and clarity of thinking.  


While we may be waiting a while for definitive proof from scientists, word of mouth travels fast in the cannabis community, and the news is good. Reviews from current users report a smooth, mellow high without agitation. As cannabis becomes legalized and more mainstream, many people will be looking for a mild THC product. One that can give them the same benefits without interfering with their daily lifestyle.

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